Consortium led by Ready for Business LLP has won a £1.5m contract

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Scottish Government

A consortium led by Ready for Business LLP has won a £1.5 million contract to raise awareness of the Third Sector in Scotland’s procurement community.

The contract to Develop Markets for Third Sector Providers will result in public service buyers becoming more informed about what the third sector can offer in terms of service delivery options. This will increase business opportunities for the third sector and improve sustainability in the process.

Ready for Business LLP will now begin work to:

  • Improve the profile of third sector suppliers with the public sector buying community and thereby open markets strengthen understanding and application of Community Benefits in Procurement.
  • Encourage routine use of co-production in the design of public services and development of Public-Social Partnerships.

Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

“The Scottish Government is determined to help third sector bodies become more competitive, win contracts across public sector markets and become more sustainable and successful.

“This new programme will allow the third sector to have greater involvement in service design and will increase the use of Community Benefit clauses and public-social partnerships.

“The contract is the third programme of support launched this year to support the third sector by the Scottish Government and it highlights our commitment to improving the reach and sustainability of third sector organisations.

Previous schemes have focussed on building the operational and financial stability of organisations through the £3m Business Support for an Enterprising Third Sector Programme and delivery of the £6m Enterprise Growth Fund.”

Infrastructure Secretary Alex Neil said:

“This is an innovative approach which will bring benefits to both public bodies and third sector providers.

“It will improve the profile of third sector suppliers and alert the public sector buying community to the benefits of working with these organisations. It will also strengthen the understanding and application of Community Benefits in Procurement and that is important as we work towards more effective service design and delivery and improve our economic prospects.”

Fraser Kelly of Social Enterprise Scotland said:

“This is an exciting initiative from the Scottish Government and represents a great opportunity for more effective engagement between the public sector and the third sector.”

Pauline Graham from Ready for Business said:

“As a consortium, we passionately believe that broadening and deepening the involvement of the third sector in the design and delivery of public service has the potential to strengthen the focus on improved outcomes for Scotland’s citizens in addition to the wider economic and social benefits that it would bring.”

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