Have you placed a Reserved Contract with a supported factory or business yet?

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The Scottish public sector is being encouraged to buy from businesses employing disabled people. To help public sector buyers under Article 19 of the European Procurement Directive (2004/18/EC), a Framework Agreement with Supported Factories and Businesses has been launched by the Scottish Government.

Article 19 of the EU public procurement directive enacted by Regulation 7 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012, allows any public sector body to restrict the tendering process for goods or services to supported factories and businesses only. The directive only applies as a matter of law to contract opportunities which have a financial value greater than the OJEU threshold values. However, public bodies are encouraged to also reserve participation in competitions for contracts at lower values to supported businesses.

The Scottish Government’s Framework Agreement with Supported Factories and Businesses has 4 lots:

Lot 1 – Furniture & Associated Products
Lot 2 – Document Management
Lot 3 – Textiles & Personal Protection Equipment
Lot 4 – Signage

Buyers should determine at beginning of their procurement activity if a supported businesses and a reserved contract will meet their needs, either via the Reserved Framework or by using Article 19, or to carry out a separate exercise for goods and services not covered by the framework.

Further information on the Reserved Framework:-

SPPN 07/2012 – Supported Business – Reserved Framework:


Buyers Guide:


Alistair Kerr, director and chair of BASE Scotland discusses the impact of the Scottish Government’s newly-launched framework agreement for supported factories and businesses will have on supported businesses across Scotland. The framework which encourages the public sector to buy a range of goods and services will realise the benefits of collaborative procurement, increasing opportunities for supported businesses and help support vital jobs for disabled people within local communities.

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