Tender Opportunities

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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

Provision of Concession contract for Waste Management & Recycling Services

North Lanarkshire Council hereby invites tenders for the purchase of co-mingled dry recyclates, of approximately 25,000 – 30,000 tonnes annually, for segregation and resale, including the treatment and disposal of any contaminated elements. The Council is managing this procurement as a services concession contract under the open procedure.

Full information.

Eday Community Enterprises Ltd Feasibility Study

The Management Committee of Eday Community Enterprises has had a number of concerns regarding the performance of the shop in recent years. The main concerns are:-

  • declining sales,
  • excessive staff costs
  • high stock wastage.
  • It is felt that these are the main contributors to the shop’s current situation and that they need to be addressed in order to bring the shop’s performance back to a profitable level.
  • The physical development of the shop is also now a major concern. The shop requires a complete update to ensure that it is complying with current legal requirements. These would include:-
  • Improved disabled access
  • Removal of trolley store from entrance
  • Better toilet facilities
  • Gas bottle handling equipment
  • Improved flooring
  • Increased display space
  • Separation of ambient and chilled/frozen product
  • New shelving
  • Additional craft/local produce area
  • Self-serve café
  • Improved staff facilities
  • Modernised lighting
  • Replacement/more efficient chill/freezing
  • Improved non-shelf display
  • Improved overall visibility in the shop

There is also an old shed area that needs complete refurbishment in order for it to be usefully incorporated into the shop once more.
The Committee have considered purchasing and installing an Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) system which would incorporate fuel sales to help improve both management and data systems. Installation of a CCTV system has also been considered. Whilst this is still at the discussion stage with the Management Committee it is being considered as to whether this would assist in ascertaining whether theft is a contributory factor in the area of declining profits.

The Management Committee of Eday Community Enterprises does not have the expertise to develop this plan without assistance. In order to take this plan forward the Management Committee wishes to commission a feasibility study and produce a development plan that will outline the developments required to improve sustainability and which can be submitted to funders in order to secure the necessary finances for the project. The Management Committee also recognises that a project of this size would only be considered by funders if there is a completed feasibility study.

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