Glasgow City Council: Spend & Opportunity

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Gerry Quinn, from the Corporate Procurement Unit of  Glasgow City Council, delivered a presentation to the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network. The presentation gave some information on how GCC is currently structured, where procurement is controlled within that structure, what that means for suppliers looking to bid for GCC contracts, how those opportunities will be advertised and how a supplier can become ‘Glasgow Ready’.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

Also, Gerry gave his 10 top tips for SME’s and social enterprise organisations:

  • Register with Public Contracts Scotland
  • Ensure you detail your business as much as possible in the  supplier profile
  • When completing the PQQ or ITT give yourself plenty of time to prepare and review
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the tender
  • Make sure you answer all the questions, they may be evaluated by different people in different locations
  • Your bid will be evaluated only on the information you provide as part of the tender process
  • When you win a contract, help build a relationship by ensuring the planned meetings take place and you get the feedback on      your performance
  • Try to be innovative.
  • Delivering the contract well is one of the best ways of ensuring that you keep the contract as it helps build your reputation for  contract delivery.
  • Use your success as a reference for other tenders