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We believe that it is important to share experience. These new case studies illustrate examples of social value in commissioning & procurement and successful Third Sector and public sector engagement from a number of perspectives.

Public Social Partnership: The Life I Want

The Life I Want PSP was initiated in 2013 and committed to the modernisation of day services in Glasgow for adults with Learning Disabilities. This commitment is not only a response to Self-Directed Support legislation, which is designed to enable service users to exercise choice and control over their care and support arrangements, including choice of provider, but also because it was clear to partner organisations that services needed to change to meet the aspirations and needs of the people who use them.

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Public Social Partnership: SPT Community Transport

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is the Regional Transport Partnership (and Public Transport Authority) for the west of Scotland, established by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005, covering 11 full council areas and part of one other. Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) were established by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 with the purpose of delivering and co-ordinating transport solutions which were cross-boundary, multi-modal, and partnership focused.

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