The Contribution of the Third Sector to Employability in Scotland

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The Scottish Government has published the Third Sector Employability Forum report for which the Glasgow University Training and Employment Research Unit undertook the research.

The Third Sector is recognised as a key player in delivering employability services, with a distinctive role where much of its effort is focused on supporting more disadvantaged individuals. Whilst the sector’s role is not in doubt, there is uncertainly with regards to the scale of current investment flowing through the Third Sector across Scotland. This research seeks to update the data available to help inform the future workplan of the Third Sector Employability Forum. The research study provides a useful snapshot of the contribution of the Third Sector to Employability in the financial year 2013/2014.

A significant, quantifiable minimum contribution of just under £58,000,000 can be identified for the Third Sector in 2013/2014. This included:

  • More than £8,000,000 of funding secured through ‘charitable routes’ including the Big Lottery Fund and Inspiring Scotland that would not otherwise be accessible to public and private organisations.
  • An estimated £10,250,000 flowing to the Third Sector though the Employability Fund.
  • An estimated £7,490,000 from the Scottish Government through Community Jobs Scotland;
  • More than £14,000,000 through ESF.
  • An estimated spend for the Work Choice programme in Scotland 2013/2014 of £8,700,0001.

The research provides a detailed picture of provision across 50+ employability projects delivered by 20 key players indicating the scale and impact of their activities. In 2013/2014 the projects were targeted to:

  • Work with 17,925 clients
  • Get 4320 into employment;
  • Get 2174 engaged in education or training;
  • 72% of these projects operated in 2012/2013. Of the clients they worked
  • with in terms of positive recorded outputs:
  • 36% of clients found employment.
  • 23% of clients were engaged in education or training.

    Download the full report.