Second Edinburgh Hospital Project Receives Major Grant

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Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation commit over £1 million to the REH Campus

The trustees of the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation have today (03 December 2014) announced a grant of £1 million towards a major development project at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

The money will be mainly directed on the complete renovation and refurbishment of the “Hive”, a grade ‘B’ listed Victorian Church building which serves as a hospital community centre for patients and their families.

Plans for the “Hive” include a café, games area, sanctuary, art room and the creation of a flexible performance space.

In addition, the Foundation’s grant will support a range of smaller projects, developed by the patients, their carers and staff, including play and exercise areas in the hospital ground, wayfinding and shelters across the site for activities such as storytelling, crafts and outdoor cooking, topographic artworks and permanent installations.

Brian Houston, Chairman of Trustees, Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation said: “The redevelopment of the REH Campus is a major project which will span the next ten years. This will all take place while continuing to function as a busy hospital caring for some of the most vulnerable patients.

“We very much hope that the “Hive”, which is seen by many as a key focal point on the campus, will provide a place of calm and tranquillity away from not only the day-to-day treatment areas, but also the temporary disruption caused by the redevelopment.  We know that the “Hive” would not be developed without the Foundation’s grant, so this is really important for us to achieve.

Jane Ferguson, Foundation Director  said: “The feedback from the Public Social Partnership clearly highlighted that the “Hive” and the hospital grounds were of great importance to patients and their carers, however these were not part of the redevelopment plans. That’s where we can make a difference.

“We are also aware of some exciting plans that will form part of Phase 2 of the build, and look forward to hearing more in due course.”

Dick Fitzpatrick, Project Manager, REH Campus Redevelopment said: ““This is hugely exciting news and the commitment by the Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation Trustees will allow us to provide greatly enhanced therapeutic and recreational spaces. It will also mean that we are able to make full use of the beautiful grounds at the Royal Edinburgh Campus.

“The renovation of the Hive will allow us to greatly improve the range of activities available to our current patients and those that will be transferring to the campus in the future. This, alongside a wide range of smaller projects, will have significant health benefits to our patients and will help to assist in their recovery. Our patients deserve nothing less.”


  • Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation (ELHF) is supporting healthier, longer lives in Lothian.  We invest in the promotion of better health and wellbeing across Edinburgh and the Lothians. Last year we contributed over £6.6million in charitable grants to health-improvement projects. For further information about the Foundation visit
  • Public Social Partnership – NHS Lothian recognises significant benefits can be achieved for the wider community by inward investment and securing social return on investment in procuring and commissioning of a new hospital. In collaboration with local authorities and the third sector, the REH Campus has been identified as a major opportunity to introduce community benefits in procurement; including exploring the opportunities for using a Public Social Partnership (PSP) approach.  A PSP differs from other commissioning approaches in that it starts with the needs to be addressed, not the services available. The programme has been granted additional support by the Scottish Government in setting up the PSP from the Ready for Business consortium.