Tender Opportunities for Social Enterprise / SMEs

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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

Please note that tenders can be added to the Ready for Business site also by registered users. If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise email info@readyforbusiness.org.

Management and Self Evaluation Service of the SG Self-directed Support (SDS) Capacity Building Fund

The Scottish Government is seeking to commission a Supplier with expertise in grant management and self-evaluation to manage the administration of the Self-directed Support (SDS) Capacity Building Fund for the three financial years: 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017 -2018. The Supplier should also have experience of the social care sector.
The Contract will commence on 1 June 2015 and will expire on 31 March 2018 with the option to extend for 2 to 3 months.
CPV: 85320000, 79412000, 66150000.

Deadline Date: 12/03/15

Provision of Cloud Based Services – Water Industry Commission for Scotland

The Commission requires a new cloud based e-mail service to replace the existing on-premises e-mail server. A cloud based file sharing service is also required to be set up and created to mimic the existing network share that users currently use to save their data files to. The current Microsoft Office 2007 professional software which includes MS Access is required to be upgraded to the latest version of MS Office.

Deadline Date: 02/02/2015

Employability and Skills Pipeline Procurement Framework – North Ayrshire Council

North Ayrshire Council wishes to procure business partners to deliver an employability and skills framework to support the Council tackle the enduring issue of high unemployment, worklessness and low skills in North Ayrshire. These issues clearly have an impact on the performance of the local economy and are therefore an important priority in the overall economic regeneration of North Ayrshire. This framework approach will allow the Council to be more responsive in the way it procures services, ensuring effective better targeted support to both individuals and businesses.
North Ayrshire Council, through European Social Funding and the Council’s own funding, has identified a possible funding package of between £7.5-9m for the employability and skills framework.
Please note: this funding package is not guaranteed and is subject to allocations from various funding sources including European Social Fund. North Ayrshire Council also reserves the option to deliver some of these services in-house.
There will be four Lots delivered within this framework:
Lot 1: Engagement and barrier removal
Lot 2: Vocational Training/transitional employment opportunities
Lot 3: Employer engagement/job brokerage/ aftercare
Lot 4: Modern apprenticeship programme
Bidders should note that the above groups have been split into Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the council will accept bids for one or all lots. Lots will be awarded either single supply or between 3-5 bidders. Specific commissions are likely to be on an annual or project by project basis. Tenderers should note that that these values cannot be guaranteed.
CPV: 80500000, 80510000, 80000000, 79414000.

Deadline Date: 03/03/2015

Portable Appliance Testing to various Orkney Islands Council Properties – Orkney Islands Council

The works comprise the assessment and testing of portable appliances located at various Council sites on the Orkney mainland and outer isles. There are approximately 18000 PATs to be tested biennially.

Deadline Date: 06/02/2015


7 Golden Rules for Participation – a short film commission – Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People would like to make a short documentary film of no more than 6 minutes in length to support the 7 Golden Rules for Participation resource. The documentary film will show how the resource is used in a special education setting. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People is inviting proposals for this work. In the first instance the Commissioner’s office wishes to hear from organisations, companies or individual film makers who could deliver a film to an industry standard, with final delivery by May 2015.

Deadline Date: 04/02/2015