Latest Scottish Procurement Policy Note

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Evaluating employment practices and workforce matters, including living wage, in public contracts


This note provides information on how and when employment practices and ‘workforce matters’, including payment of the living wage, should be considered in the course of a public procurement exercise as a key driver of service quality and contract delivery. It is issued in advance of the full implementation of the provisions of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 and the Statutory Guidance to be published under the Act.

Key Points

* A bidder’s employment practices and its approach to its workforce can have a direct impact on the quality of service it delivers and, sometimes, of the goods it supplies and works performed;

* Wherever it can be deemed relevant to quality of service or goods or delivery/performance of the contract, it is important to ensure that a bidder’s employment practices and approach to the workforce it will engage to perform the contract is evaluated as part of the procurement exercise;

* Fair pay, including payment of the living wage, is one of the ways a bidder can demonstrate that it takes a positive approach to its workforce;

* Consideration of the bidder’s approach to employment practices and workforce matters must be proportionate and based on the nature, scope, size and place of the performance of the contract.

Download the full policy note (PDF).