Scottish Publicly Funded Sectors – Revised Procurement Benefits Reporting Guidance

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Background and Information

Good public procurement makes the best use of public money to deliver quality, value for money goods, works and services that benefit Scottish citizens, the organisations that are publicly funded, their stakeholders and the Scottish economy as a whole.

In January 2010, the Public Procurement Reform Board endorsed the second phase of the Public Procurement Reform Programme – ‘Transforming Procurement: Accelerating Delivery’. The refreshed strategy places emphasis on accelerating the pace of change and the delivery of benefits, and embedding initiatives into ‘business as usual’. At its heart is the concept of value for money in procurement being an informed balance between cost, quality and sustainability.

The refreshed strategy focuses on four key priorities.

  • Delivering and demonstrating real cash savings across the public sector.
  • Maximising efficiency and collaboration.
  • Improving access to public sector contracts particularly for SMEs.
  • Embedding sustainable procurement at the heart of the reform agenda.

Underpinning these priorities are seven strategic objectives – the Seven C’s – one of which is ‘Capturing Savings and Benefits’.

Accurate reporting of savings will be increasingly beneficial as there is a growing requirement to fully understand the significant part to be played by procurement in supporting the delivery of services at a time when resources are clearly constrained.

The following guidance is intended to help procurement teams identify savings and benefits from procurement activity and help ensure that they are reported in a consistent manner across the sectors.

All organisations should seek to implement this guidance for all savings reported after the date of this publication. It will be expected that this guidance is fully in place for all savings being reported after March 2013.

There are several different ways that savings from procurement can be obtained, those that are felt to be the most appropriate for reporting are set out in Section 2 of this document.

This document has been jointly developed by senior representatives from the sectoral Centres of Procurement Expertise covering the NHS, Central Government, Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Universities & Colleges, Local Authorities, Police and Fire across Scotland.

Download the revised document below:

Scottish Cross Public Sector Benefits Guidance – Procurement Benefits Reporting Guidance. Version 1.2 Jan 2015.