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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

Please note that tenders can be added to the Ready for Business site also by registered users. If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise email info@readyforbusiness.org.

Equality and Sport Research – The Scottish Sports Council trading as sportscotland

Aim of the Project
This project will consolidate what we know, identify what we need to know and gather data to improve our work within the sport sector in Scotland with regard to advancing equality, eliminating discrimination and fostering good relations.

Lack of knowledge and information is mentioned frequently as a barrier to further development of equality improvement work in sportscotland and in our work with partners. Scotland has a limited set of data on sports participation and an even more limited data set on sports participation by people who share the protected characteristics. There are, in addition, gaps in our understanding and knowledge of high performance sport inclusion, equality in the context of coaching and volunteering, employment in sport etc and we would value specialist support on how we can address these data gaps in proportionate ways.
This is a fundamental building block for other improvement projects that we may do with Scottish Governing Bodies (SGB) and other partners. The data and evidence will inform a range of activities in communications and marketing, learning and development and priorities for improvement within existing sports programmes such as Active Schools, Community Sport Hubs and Direct Club Investment.
By ensuring we have an improved evidence base, we hope we will be better able to:
– understand the impacts of our policies, practices and decisions
– consider whether there are ways of mitigating any adverse impacts identified
– decide whether to modify, or reconsider a policy, practice or decision
– establish where involvement and further research (if necessary) should be focussed
– identify clearer equality priorities
– improve the clarity of our equality outcomes and monitor progress against them
– effectively mainstream equality, contributing to a more equal society through advancing equality and good relations in our day-to-day business
Having a strong foundation of evidence will also help support the work of the new Equality Advisory Group for Sport.

The Project

Reviews of existing evidence
Taking sportscotland’s existing evidence reviews and other equality information as a starting point, the researchers will identify additional research (in Scotland and further afield, from sport and from other sectors). They will map out where we are and what we know about equality in all aspects of sport: participation, performance, employment, coaching volunteering etc. This will include reviewing evidence for all of the protected characteristics as well as cross cutting and additional sources of inequality such as poverty and geography. We envisage this will be a deeper and wider review and a more sophisticated analysis than our mainstream (non-researcher) sport staff are able to deliver.
This will result in the following outputs:
– An overall reporting and analysis of the evidence identified.
– Summary reports in the form of short factsheets (1-2 pages) – these may be by protected characteristics and/or by environments for sport (eg schools/education, club/communities, high performance).
– A searchable database of the key sources of evidence used in the review.
It is important to note that the Scottish Government Analytical Services Team are undertaking some parallel activity to establish a descriptive account of equality issues in order to establish baseline positions in relation to their Active Scotland Outcome Framework http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/ArtsCultureSport/Sport/Outcomes-Framework .There may be some potential small areas of overlap with this work and we will ensure that we involve the analyst at Scottish Government in the early stage of this project. Their work is due to commence now and will complete by end of March 2015.

Surveys/Interviews with staff and partners in the sporting system in Scotland
The researchers will interview/speak to key players in Scotland’s sporting system.

Deadline Date: 20/02/2015


Provision of an Integrated Advocacy Service – East Renfrewshire Council

East Renfrewshire Council is tendering for a contract for the provision of an Integrated Advocacy Service. It is envisaged that the main focus of the service will be to support individuals with independent professional advocacy. This role is to inform, empower and represent the interests of the individual to improve access to health and social care services and to improve health and social care outcomes.
CPV: 85300000, 85000000.

Deadline Date: 09/03/2015

Cycle Friendly Design Package – Cycling Scotland

The aim of this commission is to appoint a specialist contractor under a Single Supplier Framework Agreement aimed at producing a suite of design and print work for Cycling Scotland’s ‘Cycle Friendly’ programme.
The provider will be expected to work with Cycling Scotland development staff to create a new brand for the programme, which currently houses products for schools, employers, communities, colleges and universities.
The successful provider will be able to deliver on creative work and also act as the agent in having the new brand design applied to various formats. Full details can be founded in the attached document.

Deadline Date: 27/02/2015

Provision of Marketing and Communications Services – University of the West of Scotland

UWS is sourcing for specialist suppliers to participate in a procurement exercise to contract for a single supplier per lot in the areas listed below:
– Advertising
– Graphic Design
– Digital
These services will support the achievement of the University’s key objectives, as part of its ongoing brand positioning and awareness-raising and will also assist UWS to meet and exceed student recruitment targets.
Promotional focus will be primarily on student recruitment including undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time courses, CPD education etc, but may also include University events/initiatives and some recruitment advertising.
UWS would preferably stand as the successful supplier(s) primary client in the higher education sector throughout the duration of this contract.
UWS reserves the right to request minor ad-hoc services outwith the statement of requirements throughout duration of contract.

Deadline Date: 24/02/2015


2015 – 2018 Landscape Maintenance – Clyde Gateway URC Ltd.

Planned maintenance operations on approximately fifty sites in the East End Glasgow, for a period of three years.

Deadline Date: 20/02/2015

Management and Self Evaluation Service of the SG Self-directed Support (SDS) Capacity Building Fund

The Scottish Government is seeking to commission a Supplier with expertise in grant management and self-evaluation to manage the administration of the Self-directed Support (SDS) Capacity Building Fund for the three financial years: 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017 -2018. The Supplier should also have experience of the social care sector.
The Contract will commence on 1 June 2015 and will expire on 31 March 2018 with the option to extend for 2 to 3 months.
CPV: 85320000, 79412000, 66150000.

Deadline Date: 12/03/15

Family Friendly visiting space – The State Hospitals Board for Scotland

Family Friendly visiting space.
Given that the patients do not have access to other services or communities, the hospital must address all of their needs (e.g. therapeutic, vocational, social and physical wellbeing) via a range of facilities within a highly secure perimeter.
Part of the care and treatment of our patients includes helping them to maintain relationships with family and friends during the process of their care and treatment at The State Hospital. As part of this process we have a obligation to provide a safe, friendly and appropriate visiting space.
The aim of this project is to support the visiting carers and young people in a safe environment to ensure that the interaction with our patients takes place in a controlled and safe space at The State Hospital.
This project must achieve the primary aim of providing a safe , supportive and engaging environment for The State patients and visitors.

Deadline Date:  12/02/15