Free Capacity Building Workshops – Updated

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There are free capacity building workshops for SME’s and Social Enterprises taking place at:

GRREC Temporary Visitors Centre, 425 Polmadie Road, Glasgow, G42 0PJ.

Details below, click the link for further information.

Project Management – Delivering Planned Objectives (PDF)

Tuesday 28th April | 10:00 – 12:00 hrs

• Scoping Projects? – The definition of a project and how to identify key aspects
• Project Execution – An insight into the drivers, business viability and control of why we chose to execute projects
• Project Organogram – The basic of setting up a project, team, strategy and roles and responsibilities
• Project Delivery Methods – Overview of the types of project delivery methods – Research and Development versus
Capital Investment
• Interactive session – Help apply the ideas in the real world and a Q&A session

Sales Fundamentals (PDF)

Wednesday 29th April | 10:00 – 12:00 hrs

Why traditional Sales techniques will harm your business

• The psychology of buying and selling in modern sales
• How to design what you ask the client to get maximum results
• How to tailor your products and services to meet the clients needs
• How to get really good at sales.

This workshop will introduce participants to a robust, practical and proven approach to modern professional selling, that you can tailor to your own products and services for measurable business results. Delivered by Andy Currie, founder of Think Distinct Consultancy and expert in Applied Developmental Behavioural Modelling, A Certified NLP Trainer and Systemic Coach and a graduate in Psychology.

Stress Less at Work: Techniques to Manage Stress (PDF)

(Optimising success at work through relaxation – techniques to help yourself, and others if feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted)

Thursday 30th April | 10:00 – 12:00 hrs

  • How to recognise if you are stressed?
  • How do you usually manage stress? ( are work days lost? sick days? loss of productivity? absenteeism? )
  • Demonstrate tools for wellbeing
  • Opportunity to practice on each other – head holds, finger holds
  • Opportunity to practice EFT on self
  • Reflect on impact
  • Opportunity to try Visioning and create a vision board

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