Current and Future Tender Opportunities for Social Enterprise / SMEs

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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

Please note that tenders can be added to the Ready for Business site also by registered users. If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise email

Counselling Services to Reduce Alcohol and Drug Misuse – The City of Edinburgh Council

NB This is a Future Contract Opportunity

The City of Edinburgh Council (on behalf of the Edinburgh Alcohol and Drugs Partnership), is considering options for the future delivery of counselling services to enable recovery from drugs and alcohol misuse.

The successful bidder will need to:

  • Provide integrated counselling interventions which incorporate evidence based psychosocial interventions and therapies. These will be delivered within boundaried, therapeutic relationships and informed by an understanding of attachment, trauma and the process of recovery from addiction;
  • Provide demonstrably high quality and effective interventions within the professional governance structure of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)/ Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA);
  • Have a very strong, specific understanding of recovery from the misuse of alcohol, of psycho-stimulants and of other drugs.
  • Deliver services both from an easily accessible location in central Edinburgh and across the local areas of the city;
  • Be a demonstrably high quality and effective organisation (or organisations), able to contribute to the development of the local recovery orientated system of care as well as delivering a service.
    Meet anticipated annual demand for the service and ensure effective access (within the HEAT A11 target) and retention:
  • 450-500 clients presenting with primary alcohol problems referred to the service, of whom approximately 350 are expected to enter treatment;
  • 80-90 cannabis and psychostimulant users, of whom approximately 60 are expected to enter treatment;
  • 150-175 clients presenting/ referred with primary problems with other drugs, of whom approximately 100-120 are expected to enter treatment.

The planned contract commencement date is 1st April 2016 and it is intended that the contract duration will be three years with the option to extend for up to an additional 24 months.
This opportunity is open to single organisations or partnerships / consortia. Anyone interested is asked to register their interest against this notice.

Community Housing Alliance Business Plan – Scottish Rural Housing Partnership

The Scottish Rural Housing Partnership is a grouping of 3 rural housing charities (the Dumfries & Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust, the Highland Small Communities Housing Trust and Rural Housing Scotland) who work to increase the supply of affordable housing in rural Scotland.

Recently the Scottish Government has proposed a Rural Housing Initiative to explore a more innovative approach to funding rural affordable housing development. It has been recognised that the existing government funding streams for housing development are not wholly effective in addressing rural needs. As part of this this we have been approached to explore the possibility creating a Community Housing Alliance with a particular focus of supporting community led housing.

Community led housing has become an important delivery route for affordable housing in England but has only had a limited impact in Scotland. Although there is considerable potential for community led housing projects in Scotland one of the key reasons has been the lack of support and sources of finance to help establish and assist communities wishing to resolve local housing issues in this way.

To assist us in developing solutions to this problem we are seeking a business plan to explore the feasibility of creating an alliance to address this gap in provision focusing on the structure, governance, outputs and funding of the proposed organisation.

Deadline Date: 22/05/15

Provision of Occupational Health Services – West Dunbartonshire Council

West Dunbartonshire Council is currently inviting tenders from suitably qualified companies for the provision of an Occupational Health Service for West Dunbartonshire Council.
In terms of separate agreements between the Council and WEST DUNBARTON LEISURE TRUST (hereinafter referred to as “the Leisure Trust”), Alexandria Community Centre, Main Street, Alexandria G83 0NU and DUNBARTONSHIRE AND ARGYLL& BUTE VALUATION JOINT BOARD, an independent authority which was established by The Valuation Joint Boards (Scotland) Order 1995 ( herein referred to as the “Board “) the Council provides personnel services to both the Leisure Trust and the Board which are to include Occupational Health Services .The Council may in addition to its own employees refer employees from both the Leisure Trust and the Board in respect of Occupational Health Services to be provided under the contract.
CPV: 85141000, 85100000, 85140000, 85141220.

Deadline Date: 22/06/15

Dementia Awareness and Support – Scottish Borders Council

This service is to work with People with Dementia and their Carers to improve outcomes for both client groups. The provider is expected to have up to date knowledge about the care and support for People with Dementia and their Carers. The aims and objectives are detailed in the service specification and are aligned to the Borders Dementia Strategy and the National Dementia Strategy 2013-16. The provider will be responsible for supporting the implementation and resourcing the working group; responsible for developing a befriending service to support people with dementia living in the community; to develop Dementia Friendly Communities and initiatives for People with Dementia and their Carers and be responsible for raising awareness through local fundraising.

Deadline Date: 08/06/15

Provision of Asset Based Community & Stakeholders Engagement Services – NHS Grampian

The Health and Social Care Partnership wishes to commission a community capacity programme that focuses on improving health and wellbeing. The programme will inform and shape future direction of the Health & Social Care integration in Aberdeenshire.
We therefore invite suitable experienced companies who have experience in this area of work and of similar sized contracts to tender for this opportunity.

Deadline Date: 09/06/15

Catering Services – Scottish Qualifications Authority

On-site Catering and Hospitality services at SQA’s two main locations in Glasgow and Dalkeith.
CPV: 55500000, 55520000.

Deadline Date: 02/06/15

Material Recycling Facility Offtakes – Glasgow City Council

The council invites tender bids for the collection/treatment of Material Recycling Facility Offtakes from Glasgow City Council’s Blochairn Recycling Facility.
The Contractor will be required to:
Collect Material Recycling Facility Offtakes from the Council’s Blochairn Recycling Facility
Recover/treat Material Recycling Facility Offtakes for recycling/re-use
Glasgow City Council Material recycling facility Offtakes materials will be recycled / re-used by the Contractor or a nominated sub-contractor.
CPV: 90500000.

Deadline Date: 10/06/15

Composting of Organic Green Waste – East Ayrshire Council

The service will comprise of the collection from central locations within East Ayrshire, transportation, storage (if required), treatment and diversion of all organic green waste arising, previously collected by the Council.
CPV: 90500000, 77120000.

Deadline Date: 01/06/15