City of Edinburgh & Glasgow Councils Open Innovation Challenge

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Scottish Enterprise is supporting City of Edinburgh and Glasgow City Councils who are seeking an innovative solution to capture, monitor and report on community benefits provided by suppliers on their contracts. Every public sector organisation in Scotland now has the requirement to report annually on their community benefit delivery.

Community benefits are those added social economic and environmental benefits offered by suppliers during the tendering process for all purchases over £50K.

Possible solutions should be able to capture what service areas need, publish those needs to tendering suppliers and capture both the awarded benefit and the realisation/delivery of that benefit. We are not looking for a spreadsheet based solution. Solutions 二元期权平台 selected for onward consideration will be those reducing the need for manual collation and input of data, reducing the possibility of human error and providing a robust reporting solution to enable the great work of suppliers and the council to be celebrated.

For more information on this challenge (and a range of others) visit the Scottish Enterprise .

A supplier information day will be held on the 28th November 2016 in the European Room, City Chambers, Edinburgh. Please register your interest in the challenge by email, and for the supplier event using the link provided below.

Step one – Register your interest by emailing  and further details will then be sent to you

Step two – Register and attend the supplier day .

Step three – Submit your entry by the 15th December 2016