New Public Social Partnerships ‘How To’ Guide Published

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The document is designed to support existing and prospective Public Social Partnerships (PSPs) by providing a step by step guide to the key stages and processes that should be undertaken to ensure a successful PSP. Its content incorporates the experiences, feedback and lessons learned provided by those PSPs who have adopted and tested the model suggested within this guide.

Throughout the document we seek to demonstrate leading practice in PSP processes, how to achieve long-term sustainability for PSPs and in doing so secure continuing benefits to the public sector, third sector, and importantly those who use services.

This guide and supporting documents provide hints, tips and templates to help you through every stage of the PSP process from PSP identification to sustaining the service.

However it should be noted that the context and requirements of your PSP should be taken into account before implementing any of the suggestions made within this document, with advice sought from relevant experts within your own organisations and / or partnerships.

Download the PSPs How To Guide and Appendices.

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