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Administration and Management of the Enterprising Third Sector Growth and Sustainability Fund

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The Scottish Government (Third Sector Unit) is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced Contractor to undertake the administration and management of a significant grant fund to help maintain, develop and grow Scotland’s enterprising third sector. Provisionally titled the ENTERPRISING THIRD SECTOR GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY FUND 2013 – 2015 inclusive.

The Fund will distribute approximately £6m during 2013 -15. It will build upon a number of current strategic contracts and initiatives that the Scottish Government has in place, to continue to support a sustainable, capable and enterprising third sector across Scotland.

The Contractor will make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the full value of available funding is distributed appropriately within the timescale of this contract. The Fund Manager will ensure a diligent approach to the fund to ensure that Scottish Government audit needs are fully met. This will include the issue of appropriate Conditions of Grant to successful applicants and the separate identification of fund money which will be released by the Scottish Government for issue to awardees.

The Contractor will deliver all business and operational requirements of the Fund and will put arrangements in place to ensure that all information held will be securely and sensitively managed at all times. Tasks will include ongoing promotional activity, general advice application and assessment assistance and processes, award and payment process, ongoing monitoring of awardees progress against contract outcomes and contribution to the Scottish Government’s final evaluation and reporting process.

Full information is available at the Public Contracts Scotland site.