Tender Opportunities for Social Enterprise / SMEs

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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

Please note that tenders can be added to the Ready for Business site also by registered users. If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise email info@readyforbusiness.org.

Tender for the Provision of an Adult Disability Advice Service – NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

The information project operates within the geographical area of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with a focus on the Greater Glasgow area. The aim of the project is to provide high quality, up to date, accessible, health related information for disabled adults and their families. The project complements local information provision by NHS, Local Authorities and other voluntary organisations and upholds the key principle that accessible, health related information provides people with the support to self manage their condition through reassurance and increased confidence.

The project will provide a clear strategic approach to service provision that complements and coordinates with other local strategies. Robust partnership working with a broad range of local and national services will be critical to supporting the organisation to fulfil its unique and valuable role in information provision.

Deadline Date: 24/04/15

Supply and Distribution of Fresh Fruit,Vegetables & Prepared Products – Argyll and Bute Council

Argyll and Bute Council require to tender for the supply and delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to schools, outlets, hostels and Social Care Units throughout Argyll and Bute.
CPV: 39222000, 03221200, 03200000, 03220000, 03221000.

Deadline Date: 01/05/15

Framework for Business Gateway Workshops and Advice Sessions – Argyll and Bute Council

The Council is looking to set up a framework agreement with suppliers to deliver ‘one to many’ workshops and ‘one to one’ specialist advice on the topics listed below.
It is not presumed that one supplier will deliver across all elements, nor deliver all types of workshops or specialist advice. Interest is welcomed from suppliers looking to deliver individual components of the support.
To ensure consistency of workshop delivery for clients, it is anticipated that one supplier per workshop be selected, to deliver across the whole region. Normally workshops are scheduled at least three months in advance so the Council can work flexibly with the selected providers to agree suitable dates.
For specialist advice, tailored sessions of one or two days per client are booked in response to client needs, so several suppliers per topic may be selected in order to deliver a timely service. Normally suppliers would be requested to meet a client within two weeks.

Workshop topics
The framework agreement will appoint one supplier for each of the following workshop topics:

1.constructing a basic business website
2.evaluating and improving a business website
3.introduction to trading online

social media
4.introduction to using social media for business
5.using social media more effectively for business

6.becoming an employer
7.managing staff
sales & marketing
8.marketing your business
9.delivering effective advertising and PR on a limited budget
10.retail merchandising
11.helping craft businesses reach more customers
12.selling skills

13.business skills for small business owners
14.funding your business
15.understanding pricing for profit

Suppliers appointed within the framework agreement may be asked to deliver additional workshops in a related subject area, based on evidence of demand from clients, or to evolve the workshop subject area to meet client needs.

Specialist advice
The framework agreement will appoint one or more suppliers for each of the following specialist advice subjects:
HR issues (recruiting, managing and developing people)
Growth strategy development
Securing funding

Specialist advice sessions are scheduled as and when required, after the client has been referred by a Business Gateway adviser. Normally the session would take place at the client’s business premises or a Business Gateway office.

Deadline Date: 24/04/2015

Waste Management Services – Fife College

Fife College requires a single waste management and recycling contractor to optimise the waste recovered and recycled from all Fife College Campuses across Fife in a manner which complies with all relevant legislation. Individual waste streams may be sub-contracted as required but must be managed by the Contractor.
Contractors MUST be able to manage the following waste streams:
– General Waste
– Mixed Paper
– Cardboard
– Plastics
– Cans
– Glass
– Compostable/Food Waste
– Wooden Pallets
– Special Waste e.g. oils, lubricants, Chemicals
– Confidential Waste (paper, digital media etc.)
– Batteries
– Metals
– Redundant Furniture
– Paint
– Redundant electrical equipment (WEEE)
– Redundant computer equipment and monitors (ICT)
CPV: 90500000, 90514000.

Deadline Date: 28/04/15

Grounds Maintenance Term Contract (Angus Area) – NHS Tayside

Description of Works
NHS Tayside are seeking to place a Grounds Maintenance and Winter Maintenance contract to NHS Angus Area sites in Tayside.

The work will consist of;
(i) Maintaining amenity grass areas with a range of cutting regimes (general/hand machine work/rough grass areas/bulb and wildflower / meadows)
(ii) Maintenance of filled and excavated channels /base of obstacles, buildings and the like.
(iii) Maintenance of shrub/ rose and tree beds (inclusive of regular pruning tasks.) where appropriate, including herbaceous and annual bedding.
(iv) The safe application of pesticides and control of invasive species
(v) Leaf clearing & removal, sweeping of paths and roads . Cleaning out of drainage gullies.
(vi) including a range of additional provisional items, for example, kerb edging, arboriculture works, and additional grass cutting with grass uplift, reinstatement of grassed areas, minor soft landscaping works.
(vii) Contractors will be required to provide a Winter Maintenance service to include an on call service for the provision of proactive and reactive salting /gritting and snow clearing works,( normally Nov to March each Winter )
(viii) Supply of bulk salt, for use on each NHS site.

Deadline Date: 03/04/2015