New Dundee bus service is good to go

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Evening Telegraph, Lindsey Hamilton 

Transport for the elderly in Dundee has stepped up a gear — with a new bus service helping people get from A to B.

In its first week of operation, more than 100 people have used the new Good to Go Bus and many more are joining up to the free service to make the most of what it has to offer.

One of the men behind the scheme, Derek Marshall, of the Factory Skatepark, said the project was really exciting.

He said: “The new services will come under the banner of the Good To Go Bus and, initially, will provide a shoppers’ service for older people.

“The service has already proved popular, with more than 100 people having used the service to visit their local supermarket.”

Good to Go will also provide a bookable service for community group outings and it will also identify and provide a range of other services such as hospital visiting.

All customers of the new services will need to become members of the travel club.

Dundee councillor Fraser Macpherson described the Good to Go Bus as a great idea.

He said: “It will provide a great shopping service for elderly people throughout Dundee.

“However, it’s going to be so much more than just that and will be available for a range of things, including day trips and, hopefully, at some time in the near future, a hospital visiting service.

“I’m really happy to welcome this service and look forward to it being well used by elderly people throughout Dundee.”

The Factory Skatepark has just entered into a pilot partnership with Dundee City Council, Mid-Lin Day Care and Dundee Social Enterprise Network, to provide a range of community transport initiatives for people who may be at risk of being socially isolated.

Derek said: “This partnership is one of a number of contracts that are now being provided for the council on a Public Social Partnership basis.

“Factory Skatepark and Mid-Lin Day Care are experienced in the provision of community transport services and are both part of the extensive network of Social Enterprises in Dundee.”

To check availability or to book the bus, call 07731 878 458 or e-mail