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Tendering Opportunities for Social Enterprise / SMEs

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Below are some selected  future contract and tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise please email [email protected].

Independent Advocacy Services for Adults - The City of Edinburgh Council

NB This is future contract opportunity

Independent advocacy services for adults in the context of health and social care, speaking up for people to help them express their needs and take part and influence decision-making processes that affect them; and safeguarding individuals who are at risk.


Specialist Services and Sustainable Living Options for Adults with Complex Needs - Aberdeenshire Council

NB This is future contract opportunity

Aberdeenshire Council (the Council) has identified the need for purpose built accommodation for individuals with complex needs and behaviours that can challenge services.The purpose of this Prior Information Notice (PIN) is an early notification to the market of the Council’s possible intention to publish an invitation to tender for specialist supported living service provision in 2016/2017. This is not a call for competition. As part of market testing the Council is seeking expressions of interest from providers with experience of delivering specialist services to adults with complex needs in supported accommodation that are interested in working in partnership with the Council to design and develop an innovative care and accommodation solution in Aberdeenshire. The Council is developing an asset and resource management strategy for Aberdeenshire.


Dundee Joint Social Work Sensory Service - Dundee City Council

A joint social work sensory service providing support, rehabilitation, and an advice service for children, adults and their carers who have a range of issues relating to sensory impairment. Individuals who engage with this Statutory Social Work Service are likely to be in one or more of the following categories:
• Deaf including Deaf, deaf, deafblind and deafened.
• British Sign Language (BSL), or users of another deaf language.
• Hard of hearing.
• Blind, partially sighted or visually impaired, whether registered or not.
• Dual Sensory Impaired (deaf and blind)
• A carer of a Service User who has a sensory impairment.

Deadline Date: 08/04/2016

Technical Activities and Wellbeing Service Model - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

This service specification relates to the purchase of a Technical activities and Wellbeing service model for people who currently access mental health services in Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and have the aspiration to explore a range of meaningful day activity and employability opportunities.

The main aim of the funded services is to promote recovery and increase access to employability opportunities including paid employment for people with mental health conditions through collaborative working with a range of voluntary and statutory organisations.
A key factor to consider in the planning and development of employability services for people with long term mental health conditions is that some individuals will not currently wish to enter full time employment but will engage in meaningful day activities or will require an extended period of support prior to considering employment.
Many people with mental health problems report the positive wellbeing impact of technical activity attendance including enjoyment, feeling of creativity, sense of community and escapism. People with mental health problems therefore often use meaningful activities to enhance and maintain their recovery and recognise its role in enhancing the wellbeing of others.


Employability Support Services Framework Agreement - The Highland Council

NB This is future contract opportunity

The Highland Council intend to create a framework agreement with multiple service providers for a range of employability services.Lot 1 – Short-Term Employability Support - On a “self-help” basis, for individuals or groups to encourage them to engage in positive employability activities. This support will help them address barriers to employment and acquire new skills to enable them to improve their competency level within the Labour Market.Lot 2 – Longer-Term Employability Support - More sustained assistance for people assessed as having more complex histories of disengagement. Participants will benefit from intensive, integrated support to address a range of issues across multi-stages of the pipeline. This will be a Co-investment programme which is currently restricted to Third Sector providers. Providers will be required to identify resources which can be used as match funding to access European funding. The maximum intervention rate from ESF will be 50% of the total agreed operational costs.Lot 2 – Longer-Term Employability Support relates to ESF match funding and is currently restricted to 3rd Sector providers only.


Sensory Services - Moray Council

NB This is future contract opportunity

We are looking to meet with potential providers of this service prior to going out to tender, to discuss options available in the market place for delivery of a sensory support service for children with sensory issues.  This meeting would take place in March or April 2016 in Elgin Moray.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in attending this meeting no later than 18 March 2016.