Partnership or procurement: a roundtable on collaboration across sectors

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There are different types of collaboration across the public and private sectors, but relationships must be managed well to deliver the best public services

“I know that some in the public sector are always a little bit reticent about private sector involvement. I think times are changing and we’re seeing more folk see private sector involvement as an opportunity rather than a threat, as it often was felt in the past,” said Kevin Stewart, Scottish Government Minister for Local Government and Housing, in his opening remarks at the Holyrood and Carillion roundtable on public-private partnership.

Entitled ‘Partnership or Procurement’, the event brought together senior figures from across local and national government and other public bodies to 炒外汇入门 look at how the public and private sectors can best collaborate to deliver public services and overcome the obstacles to a positive working relationship.

Having travelled around Scotland this summer and visited a number of community planning partnerships, Stewart has been looking into different examples of good practice. “It’s quite clear to me that private sector involvement is greater in some areas than in others,” he said.

He mentioned two positive examples: a shared apprenticeship scheme in Angus, which helps SMEs who are not confident in taking on an apprentice themselves, and an economic development forum, Opportunity North East.

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