Learn more about Measuring Social Value

'Social Value' is a short-hand term used to describe the wider social, economic and environmental benefits that can be secured by commissioners through the direct purchasing of goods and services. Such benefits need not necessarily mean extra costs, but can often be ensured early on in the commissioning cycle simply by designing and specifying services in a different way.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) and other measurement and valuation techniques have been designed to ensure that commissioners can better capture what matters most to people, communities, the environment, and society; and to more comprehensively weigh up the costs and benefits of commissioning decisions.

Learn more by downloading the Measuring Social Value document.

Guidance, training and advice are available from the Social Value Lab for service commissioners that would like to maximize the social value that they achieve through commissioning. Further detailed information, guidance, and more resources will also be made available online soon.

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