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Community Benefit Clauses

Community Benefit Clauses (CBCs) are contractual clauses which can be used to build a range of economic, social or environmental conditions into the delivery of public contracts. CBCs can be viewed as contributing to the Best Value and sustainable procurement agendas, and allow organisations to contribute to the achievement of outcomes which benefit their communities by specifying contractual requirements which seek to deliver such wider social benefit.

Community Benefits which can potentially be included as contractual clauses include:

  • Creating opportunities for enterprising thirds sector organisations to deliver public services
  • Employment and training opportunities for the long term unemployed and disadvantaged individuals
  • Creating opportunities for SMEs to deliver public services
  • Provision of facilities for all
  • Contributions to achievement of education and training targets
  • Support for community initiatives
  • Environmental targets

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 embeds best practice and drives public bodies to consider CBCs in high value procurements. Ready for business can provide practical support with the development and implementation of CBCs in procurement as well assistance with scoring and evaluation of tender responses and monitoring of impact.



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