Tendering Opportunities for Social Enterprise / SMEs

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Below are some selected  future contract and tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise please email info@readyforbusiness.org.

Auchenback Active Limited  / Barrhead HA Consultancy Tender

Having successfully secured funding through the Climate Challenge Fund, project partners Auchenback Active Limited and Barrhead Housing Association are now inviting Expressions of Interest from organisations with relevant experience and a successful track record in developing and delivering practical community based carbon reduction activities relating to food consumption and waste.

This activity will be delivered within the community of Auchenback, Barrhead (East Renfrewshire).

Stages / Dates
Expression of Interest 04 – 13/07/16
Issue of invitation to submit proposal 15/07/16
Proposal return deadline 29/07/16

Wild Film Festival Events Manager – The Southern Uplands Partnership

Event Manager for Wild Film Festival.

Deadline Date: 29/07/16 at 12:00

Poverty & Social Inclusion Operation – Glasgow City Council

NB This is a prior information notice

The operation will provide intensive wraparound support across Glasgow to assist vulnerable individuals to meet their holistic needs, address money crises and build financial resilience. A case management model will support engagement with and progression along the Social & Financial Wellbeing Pathway, addressing issues and taking action identified in their holistic needs assessment. Activity across the range of support services designed to address poverty and deprivation covering a wide range of sectors including financial inclusion and legal advice, housing supports, fuel and food poverty supports, employability services, credit unions, health supports and digital supports.

Provision and Operation of a Community Recycling Centre – South Ayrshire Council

The Council has a Contract in place for Provision and Operation of a Community Recycling centre suitably located for the residents of Ayr, Prestwick and its immediate surrounding areas. This Contract is due to expire on the 31st March 2017 therefore the Council is required to re-tender this opportunity seeking a Service Provider to provide this service.

Deadline Date: 16/08/16 at 12:00

Housing Support Service Young People – Aberdeen City Council

Housing support services for young people typically aged 16-26 years of age, who are homeless or at the risk of being homeless.

15/08/16 at 12:00

ERDF Workshops Framework & Specialist Support  – Dumfries and Galloway Council

Dumfries and Galloway Council wish to establish a Ranked Framework Agreement of training providers and consultants who can deliver training and/or specialist advice on a range of business support related topics.

  • Lot 1 – Workshop Delivery – Strategy Development & Accessing External Investment
  • Lot 2 – Workshop Delivery Marketing & Branding
  • Lot 3 – Workshop Delivery for Financial Planning & Development of Funding Packages
  • Lot 4 – Workshop Delivery for Negotiation and Pitching Skills
  • Lot 5 – Workshop Delivery for Growth Accelerator Programme
  • Lot 6 – Expert Support: Stratefgy Development & Accessing External Investment
  • Lot 7 – Expert Support: Marketing and Branding
  • Lot 8 – Expert Support: Financial Planning & Development of Funding Packages
  • Lot 9 – Expert Support: Innovation/assessing Market Potential/Technical Feasibility & Supply Chain Logistics
  • Lot 10 – Expert Support: Intellectual Property and other Legal Issues
  • Lot 11 – Expert Support: Operations and Business Resources including Staff (HR), Funding and Property, Management Team and Business Development
  • Lot 12 – Expert Support: Sales/Customers/Marketing and Exporting
  • Lot 13 – Expert Support:Efficiency and Quality Management Systems
  • Lot 14 – Expert Support: ICT Consultancy Support

Deadline Date: 04/08/2016 at 14:00

Ayrshire Youth Employment Initiative – East Ayrshire Council

This contract is to create a Framework of service providers who will support the delivery of an Ayrshire Youth Guarantee for young people, aged 16-29 years old who are not currently in employment, education or training by offering a range of innovative programmes, including ILMs, transitional employment, job rotation, vocational targeted pathways all leading to progressions to employment, self-employment, Modern Apprenticeships or Traineeships.

Deadline Date: 01/08/2016 at 12:00

East Ayrshire Works Employability Framework – East Ayrshire Council

Framework of service providers who will deliver tailored solutions to remove barriers and/or provide vocational training opportunities for unemployed and inactive individuals.

Deadline Date: 22/07/16 at 12:00

Lennox Park Skate Park – East Dunbartonshire

Concrete skate park

Deadline Date: 29/07/16 at 12:00