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Below are some tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

A National Orchard Inventory for Scotland

There has been growing interest in traditional orchards in Scotland for nearly a decade. This interest spans cultural heritage, horticultural practice and historic varieties as well as the gradual disappearance of this unusual Scottish habitat.

Objectives: The project will create an inventory of orchards across Scotland. The methodology has already been established during work carried out in England and Wales for Natural England and CCW respectively, and has now been customised for Scotland. The methodology comprises two distinct stages: firstly a deskstudy , and secondly field verification. This current project is for the deskstudy only.

The deskstudy utilises customised GIS software in conjunction with the orchard layer of OS Mastermap. Sites are located using a number of techniques including the orchard attribute of OS Mastermap, existing published surveys, informal knowledge systems, and visual search using the mapping resources.

A pilot of the GIS Deskstudy has already been successfully carried out for the Scottish Borders administrative area. A total number of 140 orchard sites were recorded. The report and associated database will be available to the successful contractor.

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Building Knowledge about the Creative Sector in the South of Scotland

Scottish Borders Council require a cultural strategy to be written and an action plan for the Scottish Borders based on a combination of primary and secondary research.

A cultural strategy for the Scottish Borders will establish shared priorities that drive collaborative work across organisations and sectors and make it possbile for us to contribute successfully to wider regional agendas and key national strategies.

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