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Public Social Partnerships (PSPs) are strategic partnering arrangements, based on a co-planning approach, through which the public sector can connect with third sector organisations (voluntary, charity and social enterprise organisations) to share responsibility for designing services based around service user needs. Once designed and trialed, such services can then be commissioned for the longer term through a competitive tendering process.

Ready for Business has significant experience in supporting the development of partnerships. As a result, we are able to provide guidance and support throughout the Creation, Development and Management of public social partnerships.


Contact us below if you would like support with:

Creating a PSP:

  • Defining the vision for your PSP
  • Defining the expected outcomes of the PSP
  • Identifying the best ways in which to share resources
  • Definition of clear milestones, associated timescales, and KPIs through detailed project planning

Developing a PSP:

  • Defining user needs
  • Identifying key outcomes for service users
  • Working through the commissioning process: developing service specifications and designing services which meet needs
  • Piloting designed services and implementing change where required

Managing and Sustaining a PSP:

  • Diagnostic health-check of current position against plan at regular intervals
  • Programme Management assistance
  • Ongoing performance management of KPIs against target
  • Ensuring knowledge is captured and shared
  • A ‘critical friend’ to continually review progress and support improvement where necessary
  • Guidance on PSP Sustainability activities
  • Guidance on PSP Benefits Management

PSP Advice Point

Contact Roddy Stewart (0141 425 2914) for more information, or to ask a question on PSPs.

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