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Joining up health and social care

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Integration bill passed by the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament has voted to transform the way health and social care services are provided by passing “landmark” legislation this afternoon.

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill is the most substantial reform to the country’s National Health Services in a generation, and will also radically transform the way social care services are provided too.

The new legislation focuses on making services better for patients, especially those with long term conditions and disabilities, many of whom are older people, across Scotland by providing joined-up, seamless health and care social provision closer to home.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Alex Neil said:

“This is a landmark health and social care reform for Scotland.

“I am delighted that the Scottish Parliament has reached this decision, which will see Scotland lead the way by legislating to integrate health and social care services.

“Every person in Scotland will come into contact with health or social care services at some point in their life – be that through ensuring that a loved one gets the social support they need to get an education, or go to work, or helping an older family member to stay in their own home for longer.

“We should never underestimate how many people rely on health and social care services to lead a healthy, full and happy life. By legislating to integrate of health and social care, we are setting out our rightly high and ambitious goal to ensure our public services put people at the centre of their care – not the other way around.

“The joined up approach is already working well in some areas of Scotland.

“Earlier today I met the Midlothian Rapid Response Team - a fantastic example of how health boards and local authorities are already working together to benefit patients.

“This team is working together to help people facing a crisis to stay at home and it is also reducing the amount of time they have to wait in hospital before they can return home. I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with one of the users of the service, who was able to return home from hospital due to the support they were offered.”

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