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Below are some selected  future contract and tender opportunities that may be of interest to social enterprise / third sector organisations to apply for either individually or in partnership with each other or private sector organisations. Where possible we will include opportunities that contain a Community Benefits approach. You may be required to register at the linked to websites to view the full information or to register an interest.

If you have any tenders that you wish to publicise please email [email protected].

Tenant Participation Strategy - The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council (the Council) has a Tenant Participation Strategy in place and work is underway to prepare for the procurement of tenant participation services to support its implementation.
The Council gives notice that it may be seeking to co-produce an approach to providing these services. The intention would be to co-produce a service specification with interested stakeholders during April to August 2016.
The Council invites interested organisations, with wide ranging expertise of supporting tenants to take part and influence decision-making effectively, to advise if they would be interested in participating in this co-production, if it goes ahead. This would be at no cost to the Council.
The purpose of this notice is to test the market by inviting the participation of stakeholders in the co-production of the specification. It is to allow interested organisations, with appropriate experience, to participate in the co-production of the next stage of the development of tenant participation services.
This notice is not an invitation to tender nor is it a stage in a formal procurement process. There will be no commitment for further involvement by the interested stakeholders or the Council after this consultation period.
The Council gives no guarantee that there will be a future tender. However, if there is, then interested stakeholders will be required to note interest against the advert that will be issued against that tender at a later date.
Stakeholders who do note their interest in co-producing the tenant participation service specification will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which will be developed in consultation with stakeholders.
The Council manages around 20,000 tenancies and is committed to ensuring that its tenants are well supported to take part and influence the development of excellent Council housing services.
The effectiveness of the services being procured would be determined by their ability to secure increased tenant involvement in Council decision-making on housing services and tenant participation in and influence over a range of public services affecting their quality of life.
Please note your interest by 14th April 2016.

Review, Business Planning and Sustainability Support - North Ayrshire - Community Led Action and Support Project

Abstract :CLASP - Community Led Action and Support Project - is a well established charity and company operating in North Ayrshire.

The assignment is Big Lottery funded and aims to review the services we provide in North Ayrshire, focusing on older people in community settings. The consultant will also support us with sustainability planning (for when the BL grant ends in 2018), business planning and advice on tendering opportunities. The current scope of our services includes befriending, health and well being activities, information and advice and more intensive one-to-one support.

Deliverables will include:
• A research digest (particularly for use in its entirety or extracts to support bids and tenders) and suitable for providing feedback to Big Lottery on the BL funded HOPE project
• An outline business plan
• An outline 5 year cash flow projection (suitable for accompanying bids / tenders)
• Training / coaching on tendering (either on examples or real tenders)
• Support to one or more tenders
• Feedback / discussion with senior staff and Board Members.

Deadline date: 25/04/2016

Community Connecting for people over 50 - The City of Edinburgh Council

Abstract: The Service will:
provide person-centred support to understand individual needs, wishes, goals and barriers;
with the support of volunteers, work with the person for up to 4 months to regain confidence, connect to community activities and opportunities on a group or individual basis;
work towards the person developing connections that can be sustained following the end of the service.

The Service will be provided to people aged 50 and over, with a range of needs, within each of the four localities of the City
of Edinburgh Council. It is essential that the Service has strong local connections with communities and relevant services and organisations.

Application Deadline Date: 11/04/2016
Deadline Date: 18/04/2016

Mental Health and Wellbeing Services - The City of Edinburgh Council

Abstract: The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership are looking to coproduce a specification for Mental Health and Wellbeing Services. The aspiration of the Partnership is to work with interested organisations, service users and other relevant stakeholders in supporting future service delivery of Mental Health Wellbeing Services in Edinburgh.
A Mental Health Wellbeing Service consultation exercise was completed in early 2015 and work is now required to coproduce the service specification with interested stakeholders.

NB this is a future contract opportunity

Dundee Joint Social Work Sensory Service - Dundee City Council

A joint social work sensory service providing support, rehabilitation, and an advice service for children, adults and their carers who have a range of issues relating to sensory impairment.

Deadline Date: 08/04/16

Sensory Service - Moray Council

We are looking to meet with potential providers of this service prior to going out to tender, to discuss options available in the market place for delivery of a sensory support service for children with sensory issues.

This meeting would take place in March or April 2016 in Elgin Moray.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in attending this meeting no later than 18 March 2016.

Independent Advocacy Services for Adults - The City of Edinburgh Council

Independent advocacy services for adults in the context of health and social care, speaking up for people to help them express their needs and take part and influence decision-making processes that affect them; and safeguarding individuals who are at risk.

NB this is a future contract opportunity