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Public Contracts Scotland Pre-Award Systems Survey

Posted in: General News

Are you registered on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) as a supplier?  If so, we are seeking your feedback on the pre-award systems related to bidding for public contracts.

As the Scottish Government is undertaking a strategic review of the pre-award systems (PCS, PCS-Tender), it would be particularly helpful to get feedback from the supplier community on these systems -  their ease of use and any improvements we might suggest from a supplier perspective.

In addition, we would like to hear your views on recent developments regarding the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD).  As of 18 April 2016 all Scottish public bodies must issue and accept the ESPD for all procurements above EU thresholds. This replaces the standard pre-qualification questionnaire (sPQQ) and any local PQQs used by public bodies.

We will feedback your views to the Scottish Government, and work with them to ensure that the Supplier Journey (an easy step guide to bidding for public contracts) is a useful tool for suppliers.

If you want to feed in your views, please email [email protected]